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Battle-Tested Software Tears Through Tedious Data Entry and Design Tasks Associated With Creating Adwords Campaigns So You Can Lead The Pack

"'s consolidated 3 applications into one very slick solution"

Hendra, you have outdone yourself. Truly!

It's rare a piece of software is developed that so profoundly changes the way we build and manage our Adwords Campaigns.

And on top of that, consolidates applications, speeds up our processes and increases our productivity so we spend more time marketing and making money!

"Flash PPC" just eliminated several steps in my campaign launching process.. it's consolidated 3 applications into one very slick solution.

Great job! And thanks for sharing this with us!

~ Matt Levenhagen

"...increased my production by easily 200% (can't even put a price on that)"

As a full time online marketer and Certified Adwords Professional I have, over the years, used so many peices of ppc software it's hard to keep track.
The main reason being, that most of them didn't live up to their claims - so I dumped and forgot them.

Not so with Flashppc. This software increased my production by easily 200% (can't even put a price on that). And it made the job of keeping tabs on what keywords were converting (including the match type) a cinch!

Do yourself a favor if you use Adwords as part of your marketing strategy, get FlashPPC! - before Hendra raises the price to what it should be - min. $97 IMHO.

Great job hendra! Thanks.

~ Graham Hobbs

'Yeowza Hendra! You did it!'

Huh?! What exactly did I do?

With my brain still foggy from the crazy events of the previous day, I squinted at the screen through half awake eyes trying to make out what my buddy from Japan was telling me...

Addicted to programming and online marketing by night and running my own shop with 23 employees during the day isn't exactly a recipe for clear-headed mornings, but I manage.

Actually I do pretty well 'cause I love what I do and I'm a bit of a machine according to people who've seen me work...

Some days though were like yesterday when I had to fire a third of my employees.

See, I'm all about efficiency - slackers can't cut it in my world - so unfortunately I had to cut them from my payroll. I like my operation to be slick... humming along like a powerful RollsRoyce.

In fact I maximize the programming skills I learned in university in my offline business - I created apps to automatically order from my suppliers every month, apps to automatically print new barcodes every time prices change - in fact...

...I automate anything I can in my business. I hate repetitive tasks!

But... my buddy was telling me some great news about another world I am a part of - a world where I am going to help him and a lot more people like him (hopefully you too) become way more efficient than they were before.

"...Yeowza! Hendra, You did it! "

Yeowza! Hendra, You did it! This is awesome. I just did 5 Blasts with an average of 3 KW Adgroups per Blasts. I'm trying an experiment today. And I had no problems with the 'comma' in the Adtext. In fact, I had no problems at all...


From the time I started to load all my data into FlashPPC until I had five windows... 5 Blasts completed in a Flash.....


copying all the loaded data from FlashPPC to my Adwords Editor and THEN posting to my web account

took me only.....(drum roll please :-).......21 min 13 secs

This totally blows my mind. I did make one mistake I inadvertently labelled two blasts the same number...but that wont matter because I made my own tracking. I didn't realize this until I was copying my KW data to Excel.

But what's important is FlashPPC worked "flawlessly".

I'm as happy as a clam at high tide. Now before I scurry off to Starbucks to get a celebration 'Frappuccino latte', I just want to add one more thing...

FlashPPC is really helping me with my Blast Challenge 7 (BC 7). In fact, not only is it helping's fun to use. So easy to click a few buttons and everything is all ready to be copied to Adwords Editor. And now copying to the Editor is fun too..because all I do is click the appropriate tab and the 'copy' button.

~ Filip

See, we both market products online using pay-per-click campaigns and we're determined to do it ever more efficiently.

(Psst... Have you been thinking of getting some pay-per-click campaigns going on Google Adwords? Or maybe you're hoping to ramp up the number of adgroups you've got running... Get your click volume up and your profits soaring. If either of these is you, don't miss a word of what I'm about to share with you. Watch the video below...)

See FlashPPC in Action! Watch How Quickly A Campaign Is Assembled and Duplicated
Watch FlashPPC In Action - Create Campaigns And Load Them Into Adwords Editor In A Flash!

So What's The Secret To Ramping Up Your Profits With Pay Per Click?

Well, you've probably seen or heard of the guys who repeatedly generate hundreds of pay per click campaigns to squeeze profit from every 'long tail' keyword they can generate.

If you're like me, at some point you wondered... "How the heck can they do what they do? Do I have a hope in hell of ever being able to walk on the same playing field?"

Well, what my buddy was writing to say was that it looked like I was going to be able to help him - and maybe you - get on that playing field after all.

You see those guys who are pumping out hundreds upon hundreds of pay-per-click campaigns and making a killing?

Surely by now you know that they're not creating these PPC campaigns by hand right?

They've got a big honking $300 to $500 automation tool up their sleeve.

In fact every pay-per-click marketer who knows about the kinds of tools they use has been salivating over them.

These scripts really are mega tools... As in, they cost mega bucks and are mega sophisticated.

But what if you don't have the bucks, aren't a rocket scientist and want to hit the ground running at top speed?

(Umm, raise your hand if you prefer to spend a week figuring out how to get the darn tool going... Not you? Good. 'Cause you don't have to.)

Introducing The Tool That...
  • Leverages As Much Or As Little Time You Have To Work On Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns,
  • Launches Your PPC Productivity Into Warp OverDrive
  • Locks You On To Your Targets Faster Than It Takes You To Fail
...If You'll Only Give It A Good College Try

Wanna see "some" of the testimonials?...

"...adding keyword tracking from the beginning is a big thing."

Prior to FlashPPC I was using spreadsheets to create my adwords campaign - it was a laborious process.

FlashPPC is so much more quicker than the manual spreadsheet process. And speed is money right?

I like it because it's easy, simple & quick. In the blast stage I do my selected keywords, plurals and one smooshed variation of each keyword. I can do all this from FlashPPC - no need for another tool.

... FlashPPC makes it real easy to add keyword tracking & ad spilt testing in the blast phase. To me adding keyword tracking from the beginning is a big thing.

~ Serene

"...This is a dream Adwords tool for anyone."

Kudos Hendra!

FlashPPC is a huge timesaver / frustration reducer.
A few times during the day I have like a half-an-hour to get something done. I'd given up on using those small pockets of time for blasting.

 Now with FlashPPC, I can get a blast prepared in that time... before distractions pull me away. This is a dream Adwords tool for anyone who is blasting, or setting up even a handful of adgroups at a time...

I definitely think a new blaster who uses this tool is more likely to have an easier learning curve / introduction to the whole blasting experience.

~ Sabrina

"...a powerful, versatile, and not to mention, unique PPC management tool."

"FlashPPC is a powerful, versatile, and not to mention, unique PPC management tool, which dramatically decreases my PPC campaign creation time.

Hendra trully cares about his customers, and I know that he will ensure FlashPPC will always keep up with the ever-evolving nature of the PPC industry.

Keep up the great work!

~ Franklin T

"...It has speeded up my Blasting by at least three times"

Hi Hendra,

I would like to just say a few things about FPPC. First It has speeded up my Blasting by at least three times. Having everything in one program is great. I don't have to keep opening other screens from tabs.

Being older than most other blaster I have seen on the forum I may be at a disadvantage, I don't catch on to new tech as quick as I used to. But I must say that FPPC was a breeze to learn to use.

Finaly I want to tell you the price of FPPC was a pleasent surprise. With the trend for online tools to be rising to th 97 dollar range the fact that you kept it low is a added benifit to me and to others I am sure.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to your next tool and the next upgrade you have for us.

~ Herb

"...If you are serious about pay per click advertising FlashPPC is a must have"

Wow, I was in love with FlashPPC from the second I got this baby running.

The problem with ppc is it is very boring and monotonous. Doing the same task over and over is not my idea of a good time. FlashPPC makes creating adwords campaigns fun and fast. Projects that took me hours before only take minutes now!

This is embarrassing to mention, but one of things I failed to do prior to FlashPPC was split test. Now it's a piece of cake and takes no time at all. This along with the simple tracking integration saves me alot of money.

There is also a nifty keyword tool that will allow you to instantly find word and proximity errors that no one else is bidding on.

If you are serious about pay per click advertising FlashPPC is a must have. It will save you loads of time and money.

~ Harland Sanderson

"...super tool for creating Adwords campaigns"


What a super tool for creating Adwords campaigns.

Your software seriously cuts the campaign creation time and takes out so much of the tedious work.

I have put off creating so many new Adwords campaigns just because I can't stand the process--but not anymore! Thanks!

~ Tristan

This Tool Is Crafted To Automate All The Really Tedious Parts of Setting Up Your Campaigns Freeing You Up To Focus On Your Core Profit-Producing Tasks...

PPC marketers, our priority is ROI - seeing a good profit after subtracting the money we have spent in advertising.

The less time we spend doing the mechanics of formatting the contents of the campaigns for the editor and entering the data...

... the more time we have for the more advanced, highly profitable stuff like designing hard-hitting ads and split-testing to produce more profits.

With FlashPPC you hardly have to remember the steps for populating your campaigns - just plug your research into the research panel and focus on keeping your relevancy tight as you work through the rest of the tabs.

Smooth as silk.

FlashPPC Makes Massaging Your Keywords Click Easy - Save Yourself The Hassle
FlashPPC Makes Massaging Your Keywords Click Easy - Save Yourself The Hassle

Whether You're Launching a Few Campaigns or Hundreds of Them

If you want to use Adwords on a fairly frequent basis... if you load up more than a few adgroups at once, this efficiency-boosting tool will help you when you use it's...

  1. Integrated Research Panel - Do your research and log it all in one convenient location. Have you seen any other tool for this on the market? It could sell for $17 on its own.
  2. Integrated Ad-Writing Panel - Write all your ads while your research is fresh, ideas are popping into your mind, and the details you need are staring you in the face
  3. Integrated Keyword Smooshers - manipulate and prepare your keywords in the same interface. Tools like this sell for $37 - You get it built right in.
  4. Integrated Automated Campaign/Adgroup Numbering - When you're churning out campaigns you can actually get lost sometimes. What numbering am I supposed to be using for this one? No need to think about it any more.
  5. Integrated Keyword Tracking - Don't launch your ads without having a way to know what keywords convert because you think it'll slow you down. With a couple of clicks in the interface  you can know which keywords convert from the very first sale! As a PPC marketer, you're bleeding cash if you don't keep track of converting keywords. Sure you can buy separate tools that go for $47 to $67 and higher to track your keywords, but FlashPPC puts the ability to know your converting keywords at your fingertips.
  6. Integrated Search and Replace - quickly update an adgroup to create an entirely new one with just a couple of clicks. No need to manually change each headline, each adgroup and each description line to match the new batch of keywords. (Whew!)
  7. Save and Log - All your research and progress files are saved in one location with the tool. No more losing track of your hard work.
  8. Reload Campaigns - Pull up a previous campaign into the interface and continue working without skipping a beat. Or transform it into a totally different one using the integrated search and replace. This one feature can cut the time of setting up a new campaign to a quarter of what it would usually take.

Here's The Bottom Line on How You'll Benefit...
  1. Using FlashPPC To Help You Focus on Relevancy and Improving Your Quality Score Will Increase Your Profits - Once you use FlashPPC to help you write tighter ads that are right in sync with the keywords you're targeting and the landing page you're driving the visitors to, your QS goes up and your ad costs go down. That means more money in your pocket.
  2. Targeting The Keywords That Everyone Else Is Not Able To (or Too Lazy To) Target Will Increase Your Profits - Some of the keywords you will be able to generate because of FlashPPC will be punched in by desperate buyers and they won't see many ads, but yours will be there. Think "More money in your pocket."
  3. Knowing What Keywords Are Making You Money Will Increase Your Profits  - Spending your money where you get a better return means what? You guessed it - more money in your pocket.
  4. Being Able To Rinse and Repeat The Process In A Third of The Time It Used To Take Will Increase Your Profits - Being able to triple the quantity of your output usually has the positive result of placing more money in your pocket.

It's Decision Time. Time To Ditch The Shovel.

- Been finding it slow going?

No longer. With FlashPPC you'll be loading campaigns into Adwords at top speed.

- Been getting callouses on your fingertips from typing all those ads and keywords?

They'll disappear. You'll only do fraction of the keyboarding you were doing before and get more campaigns live.

- Been thinking you just can't hack it cause you can't resist the distractions?

Give yourself another chance to make it work. Roll those campaigns out with FlashPPC.

Whatever stage you're at, you know that to succeed faster you have to find ways to resist the things that keep you back. You've got to cancel out the things that make it hard for you to achieve your targets.

Hmm... maybe deep inside you know that you want to do much more than just achieve your targets?

FlashPPC is your preferred pay-per-click weapon. It makes your major Adwords hurdle a walkover.

Get this PPC Marketer's Ultimate Tool - you'll turbocharge your productivity, blow your targets out of the water and fatten your wallet in the process.

"... I definitely love it and that certainly will be a product I'll push"

Hi Hendra.... it is ridiculous how much time I will save with flashppc, I honestly avoided some VERY PROFITABLE markets (for now) just because I knew it would be time consuming..but with the features coming along, I can definitely tell you they are back up in my list of future projects.

Here I only have tested the water and can already see the full potential

Now this is far from being what I would say my 'final review/verdict' but here's a in between feedback...

What I like so far..

- The research panel Being organized is key in this business, and I can tell you..I always dig up keywords that I save in excel..have notes written on notepads..sites bookmarked..well Im organized but everywhere but with flash PPC, not only I can have all in one place but most of all, related to whatever campaigns Im doing research on..and the export afterward is really a big plus

 - The Search tool People may not realize it yet..but I believe this to be the HIDDEN GEM of your software.. any marketers know the more targeted you are..more likely we are going to convert.

However, not everyone would want to rewrite keywords all the time..but just imagine, I could basically sell dvds, cds...and replace the name of the author, book, movie, etc within ONE click..and that is just amazing ................

Well Hendra, like I said.. I have only tested the water so far with FlashPPC.. but I definitely love it and that certainly will be a product I'll push.

Today was just testing to see how I comprehended the software, next I will set-up a dummy a/c and afterward I'll go with a full blown ppc campaigns.

Hendra...awesome work!

~ Wid

"...No juggling between text files and Excel spreadsheets!"


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! FlashPPC has been an absolute time saver when doing my Blasts. Before your tool came along Blasting was a nightmare to manage and it took me forever to get my campaigns going.

Now with FlashPPC I can manage everything QUICKLY within one interface. No juggling between text files and Excel spreadsheets!

FlashPPC is simple to use and has been rock solid. The support you've provided has been great and the updates you've made already to improve it even more are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

~ Travis

Order FlashPPC Pro Now
And Get Instant Access To:

  • Your Full Version Of FlashPPC v 1.4

  • The FlashPPC PDF Guide, to get you jump started and using FlashPPC right away

  • Lifetime Support, to help you answer any questions you have related to FlashPPC. 

There are other products on the market to help marketers design and upload their pay-per-click campaigns.

These guys charge an arm and a leg - an investment that you would probably prefer to invest in clicks...

Just in the way it makes it so easy to zip through the process of preparing your campaigns, FlashPPC Pro will save you loads of time. It'll make it easier for you to focus on making money after you use it just a few times.

Honestly, if all FlashPPC does is help keep you in the game to get a little more experience under your belt, you'll stand a much better chance to learn how to grow your profit day by day.

But despite these benefits,  FlashPPC is not going to be in the $400 or $200 range like the other guys.

It won't even cost you a $100 bill.



Um, no. NOT even $197

Download FlashPPC Pro right now for the low, low introductory price of...


Plus You Have My Unconditional No Hassles Guarantee

Use FlashPPC Pro for a full 60 days and if at the end you find for any reason that it's not for you, I'll issue a full refund. No questions asked.

FlashPPC comes with my full support, all bug fixes, all minor updates and a support desk where you can ask any questions.

Notes : FlashPPC is a Windows based application. You can use it while you're offline.

"...This is such a major time saver"

I just don't know where to start to tell you how much I love this software. I'm not computer smart at all, but I figured FlashPPC out quickly and have put it to work alot lately.

I'm already making money! This is such a major time saver that it is just fun now to "work"! I love blasting and now nothing will stop me, because I can work so much faster with this and see quicker results.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

~ Bessie Johns

" can't be that quick and easy, surely I've missed out a step?"

Hendra - just gotta tell you how much I love FlashPPC.

My only complaint is that I keep thinking 'it can't be that quick and easy, surely I've missed out a step?', which has resulted in much double checking only to realise that it's all done and all I've got to do is push a few buttons to upload it.

This is the special Meercatt award for services to Blasters :Trophy:

Gill - Meercat

This Introductory Price Will Not Remain For Very Long

My beta testers as well early adopters for this application are thrilled about how FlashPPC destroys the major hurdle to getting campaigns up and running.

So thrilled in fact that, as they work with it, they keep volunteering inspirational ideas for making it even better. (It's like an addiction to see how far we can push FlashPPC!)

Now there's going to be some in-demand additions coming down the pike soon.

These additions will increase the value even more for serious practitioners, but when we do our next major promotion in a month or two you won't be able to buy FlashPPC for $67 anywhere.

Purchasing FlashPPC today will ensure you get the upcoming updates at the lowest price possible, just $67.

Plus, if you buy now at this launch price you will have the unique opportunity to get all MAJOR updates for free when you contribute your ideas to the ongoing development and success of FlashPPC.

Later purchasers will NOT have this opportunity!

Now if you're still not sure whether you are ready for FlashPPC Pro, here's a way you can test the waters.

Download FlashPPC Free Version


Once you test drive this baby it'll be really hard for you to hand back over the keys and go back to your old ways.

So test-drive the free version with care.

Don't click the button unless you're prepared never to go back to your old ways of doing PPC again.

If you're curious to see just how easy FlashPPC is to use, how much time it will save and how much money you're likely to make using it, but you don't want to spend any money (it'll be our secret)... you'd better not click.

Don't say I didn't warn you that if you try it you'll be in a huge hurry to pull out your wallet so you can turbocharge your PPC strategy with FlashPPC Pro.


...if you're sure you want to try it... Simply enter your name and email address below to test-drive FlashPPC right away.


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Whatever you do, don't stop just a few feet away from your vein of gold.

Order FlashPPC Pro and Get Back To Mining Your Profits.

P.S: Just think! You'll never again suffer through the type of pain and hassle everybody else goes through to create a Google Adwords Campaign. You simply install and start using the software in the comfort of your home...

P.P.S: FlashPPC is a combination of at least three other software tools that, sold separately, would cost you over $100:

- Keyword Smoosher ($37 value)
- Research Tool ($37 value)
- Customized Keyword Tracking Creator ($47 ~ $67 value)

You can get ALL of it NOW for only $67! So what are you waiting for?

P.P.P.S: Remember that you've got nothing to lose with my 60-Day ironclad money-back guarantee. You have 60 Days to review"FlashPPC" and if it does not deliver what it promised, you can return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

P.P.P.P.S: Look at it this way -- $67 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time you're going to save on creating adwords campaigns going forward.

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